What if you launch a business...and nobody buys?

What if you could skip ALL of the guesswork?

You'd never have to wonder, "is this a good idea?" or "are people going to want it enough to pay for it?" Don't you wish you could peek inside your customers' brains? It would let you make sure that you're working on something they'll actually buy. So much pain and heartache could be avoided.

This is where we come in & show you how to create something YOU KNOW your customers REALLY want.

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Why this course will save you 1,000's of dollars and countless hours of work:

  • You'll know quickly if your idea is a stud or a dud and how to improve it to give your customers exactly what they want
  • No more guessing why customers don't like your offering, you'll know exactly why
  • You'll know exactly how to create the best version of your idea without spending a dime beforehand
  • Find out how to build relationships to get your 1st customers when you launch
  • You'll get a detailed workbook that goes with your course so you can take action today
  • It's fun and heck, it's free!

I haven't quit my day job yet, but the lessons in The $100 MBA have me taking concrete steps in that direction. What used to be fantasies are now fledgling business ideas, and I have the knowledge and confidence to see where it will lead.

JUSTIN, A $100 MBA Member