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What Members Are Saying

I appreciate the insane value of $100 MBA - I get a solid background in business and a community of like-minded life dominators. And for a guy like me who is trying to bootstrap a small business while also working full-time, I love that I can take my courses at my own pace.

Dave Stuart, Teaching The Core

I've been a part of many online learning communities and The $100 MBA is with the best of them. The forum is great quality interaction, the lessons are outstanding & top quality, and Nicole & Omar make the process fun. They are also extremely approachable & helpful to ensure that you have the best learning experience possible. I got the business education I needed to take my business to the next level without emptying my wallet. I also met some fantastic people. It’s a WIN.

Jolene Davies, In The Know With Jo

I haven't quit my day job yet, but the lessons in The $100 MBA have me taking concrete steps in that direction. What used to be fantasies are now fledgling business ideas, and I have the knowledge and confidence to see where they will lead.

Justin McCollum, Business Builder

I wanted to learn about business but didn’t have the time or resources to invest in the typical business school. I also wanted to do a course that would also be relevant to me as an online solopreneur. The $100 MBA has met and exceeded my needs. An added bonus is the forum which offers a great community of fellow entrepreneurs and business people! Nicole and Omar very interactive and approachable, offering excellent friendly support and guidance.

Helen Martin, The Sunny Scribe

Get to know Helen, Justin, Dave, Jolene and everyone else inside. It's buzzing in there.

Also Included: Interviews That Actually Teach

As a part of The $100 MBA membership we've included People Who Know Their Shit! Our version of interviews that actually teach.

In this series of interviews we talk to entrepreneurs and creatives who walk the talk and are in the trenches. They’ll be sharing their stories, struggles and insights. With each guest we dig deep and get them to reveal what makes them so good at what they do. You might be surprised at some of the answers they share. Here are a few of our guests:

See for yourself what the buzz is all about.


Frequently Asked Q's

Are there any commitments or on-going payments with your memberships?

No, absolutely not. You get lifetime access to all our lessons, community and features. If you choose to join us for a time payment of $100, you will never be charged again. If you choose our 3 payments of $35 option, you will never be charged again after your 3 monthly payments are made.

Is the teacher qualified?

Yes! Omar Zenhom is a qualified educator who has spent over 13 years in education as a teacher, teacher-trainer and manager. Omar is actually someone on the Internet that knows how to design a course and teach it. Omar also has been an entrepreneur for over a decade and shares his business experiences inside The $100 MBA. He also read 200+ books on the subject of business and entrepreneurship. The man loves business like you.

Will you be adding more courses?

We are always working on new courses to add to our community. We look to you for suggestions. If you want a course added to The $100 MBA, let us know and we will get to work. We are also going to be looking closely at the questions that are being asked in the courses and the discussions that are going on in the forum. If there is something that will add value to your experience in The $100 MBA you better believe we will add it.

I don't have a business yet. Is this program right for me?

The $100 MBA is designed with beginners and intermediates in mind. It's for anyone who is thinking about starting a business, has an existing one or simply want to excel in business. Our lessons are filled with current, real world examples so you can grasp and understand concepts and practices that you can use now or in the future.

What courses are currently in The $100 MBA?

Our training is always straight-forward, clear and engaging. As former educators, we designed this stuff so you'll remember and apply it right away. Every course and each lesson serves a purpose in your journey in understanding business and build one of your own. The $100 MBA focuses on interactivity, with our community forum, the ability to ask questions directly under each lesson, live office hours and downloadable exercises. We are always working on new courses to add to our community. Here are the courses that are currently inside The $100 MBA.

Core Courses

Business Essentials (6 lessons)

What is a business really? What do I really need to have one on my hands? How do I know if it’s a good one? In this course we cover the fundamentals most overlook. You'll get a crash course in the Business Essentials.

Creating Your Offer (6 lessons)

If you’re not offering something of significant value, you don’t have a fighting chance my friend. This course is THE most important aspect of any business. Get this right and your life will get a whole lot easier. In this epic course we cover all the bases and hit a few home runs too.

Delivering Your Offer (6 lessons)

Making sure your customers get what they asked for in a way that makes them fall in love with you. A raving fan customer is your best salesperson. In this course we discuss the ways to deliver the value you created in the most efficient and effective way.

Marketing 101 (6 lessons)

Contrary to popular belief, marketing is not some slick psyco-trickery. It’s actually a perfect combination of art and science to get the right attention. In this course you’ll learn how, when and who to market to while still looking like a gentleman. A gentlewoman. Gentle-person.

Sales 101 (6 lessons)

You don’t need a cheap suit and cheesy smile to understand and to be good at sales. Actually, it’s recommended you don’t have either. Sales is the art of explaining the end result of your product or service so well, it sells itself. Get ready to learn how exactly to sell your thing to your audience.

The Fundamentals of Finance (6 lessons)

Finance is just a fancy, pantsy word that means making sure everything makes sense with money. Know how sales, revenue, overhead and reinvestment works all together in a business. After this course you’ll be a finance wiz. You’ll feel good. Promise.

Management & Leadership (15 lessons)

Does a manager have to be a great leader? What is a great leader anyway and why is it so important in business? All the answers and the hows are discussed in this course. And a few pieces of advice that just might surprise the heck out of you.

Entrepreneurship (18 lessons)

Entrepreneurship. What is it other than a hard word to spell. Can anyone do it? Should anyone do it? How do I become a great one? Should I go online or offline? What are the things I should avoid? Lots to discuss. I can’t wait.

Extra-Curricular Courses

5 Steps to Idea Validation in The Real World (8 lessons)

If you have a business or are thinking about starting one, it’s going to be in the real world, not in your mind. Your audience and customers are going to be real people, not imaginary. Many unknowingly validate ideas in their own head and overlook that they need real, hands-on feedback. This feedback helps you make better business decisions. In this course we outline exactly what you should do and how to do it.

Building a Service-Based Business (14 lessons) 

Having a service-based business is fun and exciting. You always get to work on new projects and directly add value to others. But building one is a bit different than a product-based business. In this course we teach you, step-by-step, how to build a successful service-based business. Finding and working with clients, building a portfolio, getting testimonials, setting your rates and a whole lot more.

Marketing Your New Online Business (13 lessons)

The internet is a crowded place. According to Netcraft, there are 644,275,754 (and counting) active websites out there. No wonder when you’re just starting online, it’s hard to get anyone to pay attention to you. But there is good news. There are ways to get noticed and get your business going online and in this course, we’ll show you how. In this course we show you step by step not only how to prepare your business for marketing success but with what tools to use and in what order to use them.

Intro to Google Analytics (11 lessons)

You know you need to use it but you’ve been putting it off because it just seems too confusing. This course ends all the confusion. In this course you will not only learn how to use Google Analytics but also how using it can help your business. Learn as a business owner, how to use GA to improve the effectiveness of your website and marketing efforts.

The DIY Webinar Guide (17 lessons)

The DIY Webinar Guide shows you, step by step, how to build your complete webinar platform on your website. Know how to integrate Google Hangouts, promote your webinar, make sales, grow your email list, teach & present and sell on your webinars and lots more! This course comes with a fully illustrated eGuide, Teaching & Presenting Handbook and a one-page Quick Start Guide.

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