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Diverse bite sized value
With such a diverse range of topics the $100 MBA Show gives listeners a great deal of value!
KevinIanAllen via Apple Podcasts · South Africa
Loved the insight to reality
“Funnels vs websites finished the chatter and made a valuable decision for my new company. Invaluable info!!!”
candaceamn via Apple Podcasts · United States 
On Point!
“Very informative show with actionable and relevant items that can really benefit entrepreneurs!”
Onebison via Apple Podcasts · United States
Full of actionable takeaways
“The length of the episodes is perfect for a daily podcast and the content is informative but still digestible. I have gotten a lot of ideas and insights from this show that I’ve integrated or plan to integrate into my business!”
ElizJoy14 via Apple Podcasts · United States
Best Podcast For Entrepreneurs
“Omar shares inspiring stories and empowering insights to help entrepreneurs grow a profitable, thriving business. I’ve enjoyed following along the show for some time now, and particularly enjoy episode 2146 where he talks about creating energetic and financial boundaries between you and your business. I’ll be referring many of my friends and clients to Omar’s podcast.”
SkierScott123 via Apple Podcasts · United States
Amazing podcast with great insights!
“I was really glad to listen to the podcast episode with Chris Hogan. I think he explained really well how you can start your journey to becoming a millionaire. I loved how he phrased his lessons succinctly, so everyone could understand how to proceed. I will check out his resources. Hopefully, I will learn more from him.”
NiklasUS via Apple Podcasts · Germany
Insightful and Actionable — Added To the Regular Rotation. You should too.
“Omar shares so many different insights in this show, and brings on a wide variety of experienced and successful entrepreneurs. It is truly impressive that this is a free resource, a huge library of back episodes to go through now. Highly recommended listening!”
oldmannriver via Apple Podcasts · United States
Great show
“This show has a near-5 star average rating for a reason! Worth adding to your rotation”
mjwh520 via Apple Podcasts · United States
Amazing – so much great info!
“I appreciated the helpful tip of giving my target audience a short pdf with info they can consume quickly, so it doesn’t end up being filled later. Thank you for another great show, and many helpful tips Omar!
Nicolette Richer via Apple Podcasts · Canada 
Nobody more approachable than Omar when it comes to Biz
“Omar and team are the most approachable in the world in the biz when it comes to business podcasting. Omar is a genius at taking intimidating topics and make it easy for anyone to approach it. Love listening to both the short forms and longer episodes. 10/10 would recommend.”
AymanAbdulah via Apple Podcasts · United States
Great Summary on How to Podcast
“Just listened to MBA2132, which provides a great overview of how the podcast business works. Omar provides clever insights on how podcasting differs from other media and how the incentives may play out differently. Very helpful introduction to the topic!”
FinWriter via Apple Podcasts · United States
Short, Sweet and Super Applicable
“The $100 MBA is a treasure trove of lessons learned from those who have lived the business experience. Podcasts are short and sweet…but also super applicable. You always walk away with something practical to do more, better or differently after listening to this show.”
TONY ODRISCOL via Apple Podcasts · United States 
So relatable
“I’ve been a listener for a long time and love the show. Can’t believe the timing of today’s episode about being sick – have been struggling with this exact thing all week. Thank you for your vulnerability!! Love the show!”
Tvunc23 via Apple Podcasts · United States
Getting tons of value from listening!
“$100 MBA Show delivers so much value that is applicable to my business and career – bite sized chunks of actionable tactics that’s specific for certain business problems that affect many companies. With such a rich library, there are so many great insights to discover!”
MrBiz13 via Apple Podcasts · United States
Grow your business
“I love the short tips and guest experts format. It’s a great combination of knowledge.”
NoémiB via Apple Podcasts · Cyprus 
This podcast is a gem!
“This podcast is a gem! Each episode is sculpturing you to become a better business person. Omar is fun and he knows how to deliver the best interviews with his amazing guests!”
Health_ Coach via Apple Podcasts · United States
Continue your education!
“This show provides tons of great content about money and business.”
TRS 2001 via Apple Podcasts · United States
Informative and Educational
“Well produced podcast with clear and informative educational tips for success in your business. I like Omar’s personality as a host. Episodes are not too lengthy, great for me!”
Lindsay Cabrera via Apple Podcasts · Canada 
Great show packed with easy to follow tips
“These episodes are really helpful. Short and to the point with great take aways. Great listen.”
MikeMoll64 via Apple Podcasts · Canada
Great concept!
“Love the idea of bringing MBA-level concepts in the form of digestible podcasts. Genius!”
Demirucb via Apple Podcasts · United States
Incredible podcast!
“This podcast is a must listen for anyone looking to level up in business! Omar is super knowledgeable and provides great insights and actionable advice in each episode.”
maddie via Apple Podcasts · United States
Just what I needed
“This podcast is easy to understand and somehow almost every episode that comes out helps solve a problem I encountered. Thank you so much and never stop being amazing!”
Michatera113 via Apple Podcasts · Cyprus
Great Discovery!
“Love this podcast. Great topics, great hosts, great guests. Can’t wait for more!”
Joy H. Compto via Apple Podcasts · United States
“Thank you Omar! We salute you. The valuable content you share makes me a better person everyday. Thank you”
Lakersmyt24 via Apple Podcasts · United States 
This is a great show
“I listen to this show every day before school when I make my breakfast. I love the daily 10 minute business lessons so that I can get a jumpstart on my life.”
LarsonSuhr via Apple Podcasts · United States
“Omar gets it! And why wouldn’t he? He OWNS a software company. Every episode doesn’t necessarily apply to me or my situation- but without exception there is something to take away from each one. Do yourself a favor and listen up!! Just great!”
Super Robby Dob via Apple Podcasts · United States
“Omar and Nicole, Where have you been all my life ‘$100 MBA’? You’re helping me get back on my feet, inspiring and reinvigorate my cycling business. Can’t wait to cycle on back to the top with $100MBA by my side! Thanks and hear you again soon ”
Hopeless product  via Apple Podcasts · Australia 
#1 Business podcast
“Love the frequent uploads, jammed pack with great knowledge for anyone interests in business.”
Räggie via Apple Podcasts · Sweden
Best podcast ever!!!
“I’m not even kidding, started listening couple months ago and I’m completely hooked. Because it’s on average like 15 minutes, Omar cuts to the chase and you can immediately implement it. I also got a question I really want to find out.
Mika2002 via Apple Podcasts · Netherlands
Worthwhile lessons!
“I always get a nugget of info that’s useful for me and my business, even if the topic isn’t spot on at first glance. It’s worthwhile and pretty inspiring for generating new ideas. Thanks!”
allane7 via Apple Podcasts · United States
Just discovered $100MBA Show
“Great short bits of very useful content. Perfect way to start the day. Just listened to the video marketing episode. Your content is concise, straight forward and not full of random chatting like many others use to fill time. I look forward to immersing myself in the rest of your content.”
Dean via Apple Podcasts · United States
Five Stars x 2
“Excellent podcast for solidly running a businesses in and out!”
WManly via Apple Podcasts · France
The best!
“So happy to have found this podcast. Such an insightful 10 minutes of my day. When I feel like giving up I make sure I press play!”
LizzyWilliamson via Apple Podcasts · Australia

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