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Omar Zenhom is co-founder and host of The $100 MBA Show.  

The $100 MBA Show was awarded by Apple Best of iTunes and #1 Work Smarter podcast. It consistently ranks as a top business podcasts in over 30 countries, with over 200 million downloads.

As a former school teacher for over a dozen years, Omar decided to apply his natural passion for teaching and learning to the business world. 

Between teaching classes, he studied and worked to finally make the transition to full-time entrepreneurship. From brick-and-mortar to e-commerce to SaaS, Omar learned the art of entrepreneurship from real-world successes and failures and manage his own companies.

Now, through The $100 MBA Show and his software company, WebinarNinja, Omar has made it his business to help others learn, teach, and grow as entrepreneurs- everyday. Learn more about The $100 MB Show podcast here.