7 Reasons To Sell High-Priced Products


The high-end market can be intimidating. Many entrepreneurs are hesitant to sell expensive products or services for fear that people won’t buy. Besides that, we often assume that a product that costs a lot to purchase cost a lot to produce. That means bigger, riskier overhead. But is the fear of pricing customers out justified?…

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5 Signs Entrepreneurship Isn’t For You


Here’s a tough but true statement: entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. The kind of independence that characterizes entrepreneurship comes with inherent risks— and drawbacks— that keep most people away. The simple, undeniable fact of the matter is that conventional employment is conventional for a reason. Entrepreneurship isn’t something that everyone should strive for, or that’s somehow…

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The Time To Change Your Business


Change is good. Change is necessary. In business as in nature, that which can’t evolve gets left behind. That’s why growing and nurturing your own businesses isn’t about hitting on a “final” formula or “perfect” product. It’s about staying flexible, staying in motion, and adapting your growing abilities to the ever-changing needs of the market.…

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Affiliate Marketing Done Right


Affiliate marketing is a tempting proposition. By teaming up with others, you can have your marketing— and selling— largely done for you. But like any marketing strategy, there are different ways of doing it. In fact, affiliate marketing done improperly can be very, very dangerous to your brand. In order to get the sales you’re…

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Is my Business Right For Me?


Not every business venture works out. There’s nothing unusual about an entrepreneur getting excited about an idea that ultimately doesn’t deliver. Sometimes we get caught up in a product and its potential, for perfectly good reasons. And sometimes, the result doesn’t reflect the initial promise. Such is business, such is life. But how can we…

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4 Top Things to Avoid in Customer Service


Every business has one thing in common: they all depend on their customers for survival. That’s why customer relations matter just as much as marketing, budgeting, even the product itself. There’s just no way to succeed without keeping your customers happy. Fortunately, most of the more common pitfalls of customer relations are avoidable. In my…

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Don’t Hustle Too Hard!


Business takes hard work. But can you work too hard? I believe you can. Crazy as it might sound, hustle has a point of diminishing returns. Many think that effort is something you should apply as much as possible, pushing the limits in order to reach peak productivity. The more hustle, the better. I happen…

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