[Bonus Episode] From Real Good Podcast: The Business of Empowering Girls with Jennifer Openshaw

Entrepreneurship is about more than just making money.

…or at least it can be. 

Today, we resume our partnership with US Bank’s Real Good podcast, a show that highlights business ventures for which profit isn’t the first goal.

In this episode of Real Good, get to know Jennifer Openshaw, founder and CEO of Girls With Impact. GWI’s mission is to empower young female business people with a 10-week “mini MBA” program, designed to give these young women the skills and confidence they may not get from formal education.

Hear how the power of business education and mentoring can lay the groundwork for a better tomorrow, by strategically offering the right tools to underserved groups in advance. 

Businesses can make more than money. With the right goals in mind, they can make investments in a future that looks a little more like the one we need. Click Play!


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