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How to Successfully be Successful


Hey all! Today’s post is short and to the point but packs a powerful insight that took me a while to attain. Here it comes…

In my experience the best way to be successfully successful is to sit down and define what will make you feel successful. Seriously, sit down and write down what would have to happen in order for you to feel successful. Decide to DECIDE. Decide to define exactly what success is to you.

For me, success means being able to live comfortably doing something I enjoy and gain fulfillment doing. So basically if I’m able to earn a living that takes care of all my needs and most of my wants (within reason) while spending my wakeful hours doing something I enjoy, I’m successful!

I don’t need to speak at TED (though I am available guys if you are reading) or make 5 figures a month to feel like I’m winning. Why? Because I decided what success is and when I achieved it and continue to do so, I feel good.

The funny thing is, you’re the one that dictates what success means. Not me or anyone else. Success for you could be writing your first book then putting it out for sale. If some one buys, great! If not, it’s cool too because you are already successful, you fulfilled what success means to you.

I want to leave you with a great story. The comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld, shared in an interview his experience of his first gig at a comedy club. He was excited and nervous but he went out there and gave it all he had. He finished his set, came off stage and the crowd hated him. He completely bombed. The funny thing is, Jerry was smiling from ear to ear. He felt so happy. Why would anyone be happy after what was obviously a huge failure?

Jerry shares that he didn’t care that he had bombed or that crowed thought he stunk. All he could think of was, “Wow, I’m one of those guys now. I’m now doing it. I’m now a comedian.”

He was just happy to be doing what he always wanted to do. He was happy he was now a comedian and not just someone that talked about being a comedian. He was happy because he defined what success was before anyone else could do it for him. For him, simply being a comedian and working on his craft was enough.

Love that story. I hope you did too. What is success for you? Let me know in the comments or in an email. This blog thing is a two-way street, I love hearing from you guys so drop me an line any time.