MBA1002 Removing Friction From Your Business + Free Ride Friday!

Friction (noun): that which slows us down.

We all want our businesses to run smoothly. Today, we’ve got some tips on how to identify and eliminate sources of friction, those areas of inefficiency where goals are held up. Friction can come from many places (and people), but there are 3 particular points where a few changes can make all the difference.

On this episode, we explain how to make your business (and your life) a whole lot easier. Entrepreneurship has enough challenges, so why allow unnecessary obstacles to exist? WIth some advice from a great mentor of ours, we share some effective ways to trim the systemic flaws (and individuals) holding you back.

Friction costs time, money, and effort. Don’t let any of your hard earned resources go to waste. Reduce the friction, and ride smooth — all the way to success. Click Play!


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