MBA1012 8 Essential Metrics Every SaaS Should Track P2 + Free Ride Friday!

Let’s get SaaSy.

It’s FREE RIDE FRIDAY!!!, and we’re finishing up our two-part series on the metrics that matter most to your SaaS business.

If you haven’t listened to Part I, make sure you do (we’ll just wait right here). In that episode, we identified four basic metrics that help you lay the foundation for an accurate picture of your SaaS’s overall health.

Today, we go deeper.

We take a look at four more metrics, numbers that give you a more detailed, nuanced, and comprehensive view of your business. While yesterday’s episode focused on numbers related to customer acquisition, we now look at your existing customers’ data to capitalize on those gains — and boost profitability.

Track all 8 metrics, and let them lead you to sustainable growth. See where you can make the biggest differences in your SaaS, at every stage of its development. Before you invest in a pricey CMS or CRM software to track analytics, see what you can do just by following these figures manually.

The results might just blow your mind. Click Play!


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