MBA1020 Q&A Wednesday: How do I create an online course on a budget?

Got something to teach? Something to share? Ready to make a business out of it?

It’s time to start your first online course. But if you’re like today’s Q&A listener, you’ve got one problem: a tiny budget.

Not to worry! WIth low-to-no-cost tools available today, anyone can establish a decent online course and get the ball rolling on their coaching career. In fact, you can create an online course almost entirely for free, if you know a few tricks.

Today, we walk you through the steps to creating your first course on the cheap.We’ve got the tools, techniques, and nifty little hacks that help you produce professional, high-quality lessons with less capital than it takes buy a sandwich, let alone a videographer. We discuss everything from creating the content, to delivery, to technical advice on filming and screencasting.

Get the tips, tricks, and online resources you need to make it happen, budget be damned. Click Play!


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