MBA1033 Guest Teacher: Justin Jackson – How to use podcasting as a marketing tool for your business

Ready to podcast? This is the episode for you.

We know a thing or two about podcasting, having made it all the way to our 1,033rd episode. But we’ve got a special guest teacher with even more experience and knowledge, someone who helped us along the way. Justin Jackson of knows podcasting, and he’s here to offer seriously valuable advice to anyone getting ready to utilize this incredible marketing strategy.

From choosing your topic, to the technical details, to finding your audience, Justin is here to get you ready.

Justin was our first guest teacher, all the way back when we were podcasting noobs ourselves. Today, he’s got practical, actionable, easy-to-follow advice for new podcasters, plus a ton of online resources and hardware suggestions you can use to make your podcast the best it can be.

With Justin’s advice, you can commit yourself to a realistic, feasible production process, and give your brand the biggest boost possible. Get ready to podcast — Click Play!

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