MBA1105 Q&A Wednesday: How do I validate an idea for a niche subscription box business?

The subscription box: it’s all the rage, as enthusiasts of all kinds sign up to get a fresh collection of hobby-specific goodies each month. But how specific can you get? How niche is too niche to sustain a profitable box-driven business?

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’ve got a listener with a very targeted, extremely niche idea for a subscription box service. And while we always recommend finding very, very specific problems to solve, you still have to make sure there’s a big enough market to keep your company profitable.

So how can you find out?

Today, we discuss exactly how to test the waters, and gather the intel you need to determine whether your big idea has a big (enough) audience. We take our listener through some business recon, and explain step-by-step how to do the low-cost market research necessary to reach an answer.

Niching down minimizes risk, but you can’t go in blind. Find out how small the target can really be — Click Play!


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