MBA1128 Must Read: Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is at it again, with another book of Grade-A entrepreneurial wisdom. But this time, it’s not just from the man himself.

Tribe of Mentors is a fantastic collection of condensed wisdom from experts in various industries. Easy to read, digestible, and immediately applicable, these golden nuggets of business truth will serve you well. That’s why it’s this week’s Must-Read book for budding entrepreneurs.

One of the most daring and occasionally controversial business “gurus” of our time, Ferriss always swings for the fences. As a writer and blogger, he’s inspired millions to get to the next level, even by unconventional means. The original life hacker, Ferriss’ influence can’t be denied. Now, he offers a long, but very readable tome on what it takes to move up in life and business.

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