MBA1161 How to Deal With Not Reaching Your Goals

You will fail.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you won’t always hit the mark. It’s part and parcel of independent business to establish a goal, strive for it, and come up short. As the year winds down and we evaluate our performance, we should take stock of how we’ve failed, and whether we let those failures drag us down or power us forward.

For new entrepreneurs, every missed goal can seem like a crisis. With so much riding on your business, it can be tough to get back in the saddle, emotionally. Today, we discuss how to maintain your enthusiasm no matter what happens. More importantly, we explain how to pull something positive from the experience of losing.

Whatever metric you’re chasing — sales, traffic, conversions, whatever — you can always turn a swing-and-a-miss into your next victory. Find out how: Click Play!


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