MBA1213 Guest Teacher: Greg Winteregg – How to Be More Fulfilled with Your Business

Entrepreneurship shouldn’t suck.

That’s the essential message of Greg Winteregg’s career. In his decades in business, he’s been a prolific speaker and management consultant, and a well regarded business author. Today, he’s here to explain how no one can truly succeed if they’re unhappy with their business — and how to find meaning in your independent path.

Staying motivated is about completing your business mission, not just working in the hopes of making money. This is not some impractical, feel-good bit of pseudo-hippie-ism. Winteregg’s practical approach is sustainable, not sentimental. No amount of money or “on paper” success can sustain an independent business in the long term.

That’s not just advice. It’s reality.

Tune in, and hear Greg’s 5 specific areas for finding meaning, purpose, and true satisfaction in your business. Refocus your efforts on building a business that makes you happy, not just profitable. In the end, it’s the only long-term way forward. Click Play!


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