MBA1245 Q&A Wednesday: How do I choose a location for my team retreat?

Few things are more satisfying than rewarding your team with a retreat. It’s a chance to bond, an opportunity to gel professionally, and a statement of how far you business has come.

Most of all, it demonstrates how much you value the team that’s helped you get this far.

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one listener wants to know how to choose the best location for a team retreat. As it happens, we’re planning one for our team this very summer. We decided to share exactly what went into our thought process as we identified the best destination.

Today, we discuss what factors to consider, from weather to distance to security, and of course, cost. With a far-flung remote team of employees from all over the globe, choosing the right place was no simple task. Fortunately, we knew where to go for advice — and how to get our team involved in the planning.

Before you plan your company’s first (or next) retreat, listen in. Click Play!


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