MBA1261 Should You Work When on Vacation?

Entrepreneurship is a full-time gig. But is it so full-time that you can never truly be on vacation? Are independent business people doomed to stay forever connected to the company, no matter where they escape to?

Yes and no.

Today, we discuss whether it’s truly feasible to walk away from your baby for a week or more. Especially in the early years, it can be terrifying to take your hands off the steering wheel for too long. It can also be bad for business, if you don’t plan your breaks strategically.

We explain how to balance the need to stay on top of things while still taking the opportunity to recharge. By scheduling your own R&R wisely, you can reach the closest thing to “autopilot” entrepreneurship has to offer. We’ve learned how to do it from years of mixing travel, business, and fun. Learn how it’s done — Click Play!


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