MBA1271 What to Say To a Customer When You’ve Failed Them

It’s gonna happen. Whether it’s your fault or not, some customers will use your product and come away disappointed.

What matters is what you do next.

Customer satisfaction is your responsibility, even when dissatisfaction isn’t your fault. Planning in advance for how to address it can be the difference between a business that lasts and one that doesn’t. You’ve got to articulate your messaging ahead of time, so you can confront these failures head on.

When you approach dissatisfaction as your responsibility, you can turn it into an opportunity.

Today, we discuss how to own your shortcomings, and turn an unhappy customer into a source of growth. This can have a massive long-term impact on the development of your business, helping you win over dozens of customers for every one you lose.

With a healthy, proactive attitude towards failing customers, you can learn how best to delight them — and that’s worth more than any single cancellation. Click Play!


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