MBA1275 Q&A Wednesday: How do you get mentions and write ups on popular websites?

Our humble little business has been mentioned (positively) by some of the biggest dogs in business media. Forbes, HuffPo, and the like have kind words for us, and we’re proud.

So how the heck did that happen?

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one listener wants to know how to replicate that positive attention. The obvious boost in exposure and credibility is no small thing, so what was our secret to getting the spotlight? Today, we fill you in.

Right off the bat, we’ll admit: we’re not talented schmoozers, or intentional press darlings. The reason we were able to dip our cup into the traffic flow of big-time outlets has more to do with how we manage our performance, not our public relations.

In fact, we’ve never spent a dime on PR. Hear how we got the nod from on high, and see if you can do it too. Click Play!


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