MBA1285 Q&A Wednesday: How do I get reviews and testimonials for my product?

Social proof is a marketing must. So how do you get it?

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one listener needs reviews and testimonials for their website. Whether it’s for your homepage, or just to get your credibility going on review-heavy sites like Yelp or Amazon, you need evangelists.

Otherwise, it’s just your word against the competition’s.

Today, we discuss how to get more reviews — the kind that actually spur interest, trust, and growth. We explain how to get your customers to share what you want them to, without blatantly “bribing” anyone for good reviews.

We’ll get into who to ask, and how to ask from your existing customer base. We’ll detail how to leverage great customer experiences into testimonials, so your social proof is as genuine as it comes. Plus, we’ve also got great tips on how to get reviews even if you don’t have many (or any) customers. Click Play!


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