MBA1289 How to Get to $5K a Month as Fast as Possible

The key to sustainable small business: minimum profitability.

The $5k per month mark is a crucial one, known as the “escape velocity” at which revenue generation is strong enough to actually, truly sustain a company. If your business can make it to $5k quickly, you’ll know for sure whether it’s a winner, or if it’s time to pull the plug and move on.

The faster you get there, the sooner you’ll reach your ultimate business goals.

So, how can we fast-track this all-important metric? How can we move as quickly as possible out of the experimental phase and into real-world business-building? With some strong tactics (and a few sacrifices), you can get there sooner — whether “there” is investing full-time into a proven idea, or moving on to the next one.

Reach that moment of truth ASAP. Your time is precious, and you deserve a strategy that doesn’t waste any. Click Play!


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