MBA1303 Must Read: Jobs to Be Done by Anthony W. Ulwick

Your product might be the most important employee.

There’s a new approach to product development and marketing. Rather than focus on features, or even benefits, this new outlook takes it a step further. Your product has a job. The customer is the employer. Your success will depend on what kind of “employee” your product is.

If it sounds outside the box, it is. The approach is all laid out in a deeply detailed, paradigm-shifting book called Jobs to Be Done by Anthony W. Ulwick. It’s based on decades of research — and despite how academic it is, this book has serious practical implications. 

This Must-Read book offers an alternative (or supplement to) the “pain points” approach of solving customer problems. Today, we discuss the philosophy behind the book, and offer the best examples of this theory in practice. 

Bottom line: this book will help you focus on what matters most to customers, by seeing your product from the most customer-centric perspective. Click Play!


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Jobs to Be Done by Anthony W. Ulwick