MBA1320 Q&A Wednesday: Hey Omar! What’s your office setup look like?

Your workspace matters. Efficiency, productivity, and overall well-being are greatly influenced by the feng shui of your office. 

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one listener is curious about our own setup, specifically the workspace of our intrepid host, Omar. Over the years, Omar’s tried different arrangements to facilitate writing, podcasting, video recording, and everything else. His current setup gives him the minimalist, all-business access to his daily tools that makes for maximum efficiency.

In other words, Omar’s workspace works for him. Depending on your needs, it might work for you, too.

Omar will discuss how he keeps clutter down and productivity up, by removing the distractions and disruptions that plague many a desk. With a podcast to record and a million other multimedia tasks to perform, integrating the right tech into the space took some trial and error. 

Not only should your office setup promote productivity, it should promote posture, energy, and overall good health. Compare notes with Omar, and see what you can do to make your space a business advantage. Click Play!


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