MBA1508 Guest Teacher – Clay Staires – How to Create Repeat Business and Customer Service Experiences That Wow in the Digital Age

Customer service is your difference.

It’s one of the best ways for a small business to stand out from competitors and build a loyal following. You don’t have the marketing and advertising budgets of bigger operations, but you can devote a larger portion of your resources to making sure your customers aren’t just happy — they’re evangelists.

Today, we have an expert who knows exactly how to do that.

Clay Staires is a mindset master and professional inspirer who specializes in creating customer experiences that translate to growth. If anyone understands how to build something from very little, it’s Clay, who went from literal homelessness to entrepreneurial success.

Clay is here to show us how to instill the kind of customer service that can define a brand. With a little intention, you can create an experience for customers that will echo, and bring more business your way.

Tune in, and learn how to get some serious word of mouth going. Click Play!


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