MBA1511 Is Now a Bad Time To Sell a Business?

Maybe you were just getting ready to sell when COVID-19 hit. Maybe you’re thinking about getting out because of COVID-19. Either way, it’s a bit of a buyer’s market generally, so selling a business during this crisis must be approached with caution and careful analysis.

So how long should you hold out? How long can you?

Whether your business has been hurt by coronavirus, unaffected by it, or (as is the case in several industries) actually helped by it, do your homework before selling. Today, we’ll discuss what factors to consider, and where to turn for help in making this literally life-altering decision.

Selling your business is a major event in any climate, let alone the completely unprecedented situation we’re in now. Be sure to approach it dispassionately, and get advice you can trust from those who aren’t emotionally invested.It just might save your financial future.  Click Play!


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