MBA1522 Set Up a Home Office on a Budget + Free Ride Friday

Our company has always been remote, and we’ve always worked from home. 

With millions suddenly forced to do business from the same building they live in, we figured a little advice on effective home office setup might be helpful. The good news? It’s pretty easy, and not that expensive.

If you’re used to working in a conventional office, you may not be going back to it for a long time — or ever. 

That’s not because COVID-19 won’t be under control; it will be, sooner or later. But the benefits of remote work for employees and employers will remain. Remote work was always an excellent alternative for many businesses; coronavirus just forced many of us to give it a try.

You might not want to go back!

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for a professional, comfortable, productive home office space. Even if you have to buy a few furnishings and pieces of equipment, a modest investment can create a perfectly efficient space you might actually prefer to your good ol’ cubicle.

Today, we’ll share our best tips for the perfect setup, with loads of specific recommendations (we hope you like IKEA). Remote work can be liberating, especially if you plan the space right. Click Play!


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