MBA1848 Extended Interview: Michael Port – Grow Your Business by Becoming a Referable Speaker

Want authority in your space? There’s no substitute for being a great speaker.

Of course, being great at speaking is like being great at anything. It doesn’t happen by accident! And you’ll probably need a little advice — maybe even a little coaching.

Fortunately, there’s Michael Port.

Michael has built a business empire as the go-to speaking coach for entrepreneurs — including our very own Omar Zenhom. Today, Michael sits down with Omar for one of our rare full-length interviews. 

Don’t miss this one!

Over the course of this in-depth discussion, Michael and Omar explore how public speaking can be a massive boost to almost any business, how to get better at it, and why your speaking skills are worth an investment of time, money, and effort. 

Learn why speaking is such a game-changer, what the real goals of public speaking should be, and how to approach different kinds of talks. Get incredibly valuable tips from one of the foremost experts in the complex art of public communication. Click Play!


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