MBA1853 Extended Interview: John O’Nolan – Building a Wildly Successful Yet Balanced Business

Most people build a business to make money. But what if someone simply tried to build a better solution for a certain audience?

What if someone’s idea of success is a better, healthier balance between life, work, and one’s impact on an industry?

What if profit wasn’t the priority?

John O’Nolan was Deputy Head of Design at WordPress. In terms of business, he “made it” by anyone’s definition of success. But he wanted to make something else — something that didn’t exist for the sole purpose of creating wealth.

So he created Ghost.

Ghost is the stripped-down content platform for people who just want to share what they’ve got and build an audience. John developed Ghost under a radical business model: forget trying to make millions. Just make what people need. Period.

Today, John sits down with Omar for a good long chat about business, life, and prioritizing a healthy balance of the two. 

From running a successful remote startup while kite-surfing around the world, to de-prioritizing profit, to leveraging your own unique strengths, this wide-ranging talk is a must-hear for any entrepreneur.

Tune in to one of the most enlightening conversations you’ll ever hear between two independent business founders, and ask yourself what’s really possible. Click Play!


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