MBA1963 Guest Teacher – Joe DiChiara – How to set up and manage a business’ finances

We’re not all great with numbers. And we don’t all know the rules.

If you’re thinking of starting a business, but not sure how to do the whole financial management thing, you’re not alone. 

That’s why we brought an expert in for advice. Joe DiChiara is a rare combination: successful independent entrepreneur and CPA (Certified Public Accountant). While most CPA’s work for someone else, Joe knows what it takes to build your own business — and how to make the finances part a little easier.

The key is to get ahead of it.

Today, Joe explains what you need to do now, so that you’re not overwhelmed by financial stuff later. With straightforward, practical instructions, Joe demystifies accounting, so you can get a firm handle on it — and prevent potential legal trouble down the road.

Learn the basics of small business finance from a true expert. Click Play!


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