MBA2000 What I Learned After 2,000 Podcast Episodes

Somehow, this is our 2000th episode!

But like every podcaster ever, we started with nothing. No content, no listeners, and no guarantee that our show would catch on. So how’d we pull it off?

Today, Omar shares the most important lessons from 8 years in front of the mic!

The truth is, we didn’t always have an iTunes-award-worthy podcast. To get from cringeworthy to binge-worthy took heaps of effort from the whole team (even when that team was tiny). 

Now, we’re passing on what we learned — to you!

If you’re thinking about starting a podcast or any content channel, learn what challenges you’re likely to face. Hear a few keys to success that we’ve discovered along the way. Let our experience be your guide, and join us as we celebrate this milestone. Click Play!


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