MBA2047 Why You Should Offer a Faux Free Plan + Free Ride Friday

The “freemium” model is everywhere now. And it makes sense! Consumers are picky, more wary than ever, and in need of more proof before opening their wallets.

But what if freemium isn’t feasible for you?

Giving away your product or service is pretty costly, after all (we know — our software platform offers a free plan). If you’re not yet at a point where you can absorb the cost of even a basic version of what you’re selling, there’s another way. 

It’s called the faux free plan.

What is it? Well, it’s basically an almost free plan. It still lowers the barrier to entry, makes signing up a no-brainer for your leads, and gets people using your product. But it doesn’t strain your company’s resources the way a truly free plan does.

Today, we explain the faux free model in detail, share why it works (with real-world examples), and help you decide if it’s the right move for your business. Click Play!


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