MBA35 Guest Teacher: Mike Vardy- How to Focus on Task Over Time

In this guest teacher episode of The $100 MBA Show, Mike Vardy teaches productivity secrets that will change how you think about time and how you manage your work or tasks as they relate to time. Mike Vardy is a well-renowned author, speaker and co-host of the show Workflowing. It was an honor to have him teach this lesson, which we know you will love and certainly gain some extra nuggets of wisdom. Press play and enjoy!


How to Stop Time: TEDxVictoria
3 Things You Should Put On Your Calendar
The Pomodoro Technique®
The Productivityist Workbook
How a Themed Schedule Can Help You Stay on Task – Workshifting
Energy, Time, Priority, Work/Life: 4 New Ways To Organize Your To-Do List – 99U

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