MBA379 Q&A Weekends: I’m curious why you do a one time fee for your course instead of a monthly or yearly subscription?


A lot of our peers in the business ask us why we only charge a one-time fee of $100 for a lifetime membership to The $100 MBA. Why don’t we make it a monthly fee? Why don’t we make it a yearly fee? How does the profitability vary between the two models? We’ll answer these questions in today’s show so hit play!


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  • Jason Baker

    Do you have a class, or can you guys recommend a tutorial on how to chose and set up a subscription site? I am looking to create a multi-tiered offering and am not sure where to start. Any direction would be super helpful. Thanks guys.

    • We have a 2 part lesson on How to Create an Online Course. Many of the aspects of a subscription site is in these lessons given you need to create a membership access type site as well as setting up payment options.

      • Jason Baker

        Thanks so much Omar! You are an invaluable resource. I can’t recommend you enough.