MBA870 The One Skill Every Entrepreneur Must Have


Beyond marketing and sales, beyond projections and accounting, even beyond innovation and creativity, there’s a skill. One skill makes an entrepreneur successful no matter their background or training: problem solving. What makes or breaks a business is whether or not it solves a consumer problem. What makes or breaks a business person is whether or not they create that solution— and solve all the other little problems along the way. If you like solving problems, entrepreneurship is for you no matter what else you’re capable of.

What matters is the problem-solving mindset. While many see problems as obstacles to avoid, entrepreneurs see them as challenges to enjoy. By gaining fulfillment from problem-solving, you become the kind of person for whom nothing seems impossible. That’s the mindset that breeds innovation, risk-taking, and an understanding of what consumers want. Whether you’re trying to solve huge problems or little ones, sales is nothing more than money being traded for solutions. Hear how to approach business the problem-solver’s way. Click Play!


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