MBA894 Are You a Terrible Boss?

Worst. Boss. Ever.

We’ve all had a terrible boss. As entrepreneurs, we never have to have one again. But as our independent business grows, how can we avoid becoming one? That’s the topic of this week’s deep-dive lesson, and it’s one worth exploring. Do you have the courage, the honesty, and the wisdom to ask yourself the question:

Am I a terrible boss?

Right off the bat, let’s be realistic: you’re probably not. But just as realistic is the probability that you could be a better one. We could all improve, in whatever we do. But it’s especially important for entrepreneurs to stay on top of their personal development as leaders.

Your business depends on your ability to lead your team. As we expend our mental capital on product development, marketing, budgeting, and all the rest, we can forget this. We can neglect a skill that’s just as important to develop as salesmanship or technical expertise. We can forget to strive to be the best boss we can be.

Our team suffers as a result.

When our team suffers, the work suffers. When the work suffers, the business grinds along at a fraction of its true potential. It’s incumbent upon every entrepreneur to give their customers the best experience possible— but it’s just as incumbent upon them to give their employees the motivation they need to create that experience. There are ways to achieve this. There are strategies to ensure it.

We’re here to share them.

Fortunately, being great at bossing is just like being great at anything; you can learn how. You can practice. You can consciously develop the ability you need to lead. On this podcast, we explain how to evaluate and develop your leadership skills. We share our experience as bosses, and offer specific, actionable tips on how to be better.

We discuss the biggest pitfalls common to new bosses, the balance between high expectations and empathy for your employees, and how to be open to improvement. We offer examples of bosses to emulate, and reflect on the unique position of company founders.

When you’re the boss, the stakes are high. Tune in, and learn how to maximize your potential as a leader. Learn how to earn the loyalty and dedication from your employees that gives your business the edge. Boss “like a boss!” Click Play!


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