MBA940 Q&A Wednesday: I’m an Online Business. Do I Need Business Cards?

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’re helping a listener with a very good, very 21st-century business question: do online businesses need business cards?

It’s easy to see why some would question whether paper business cards are still relevant in a digital economy. In fact, our host Omar hasn’t given one out in years! But just because business cards aren’t for every business doesn’t mean they’re not appropriate for some. In fact, they can be a valuable networking opportunity. Today, we discuss when — and how — to take advantage.

We cover which kinds of businesses can most benefit from physical cards, which aren’t likely to, and the ROI of cards given how incredibly cheap they’ve become. We also discuss what features and layouts best optimize a business card for maximum networking and lead-generating effect. It’s a digital world, but there’s still room for a little bit of old-fashioned paper. Click Play!


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