MBA965 Q&A Wednesday: I am not in love with my customers. Am I in the wrong business?

What’s love got to do with it? It’s Q&A Wednesday, and that’s what one listener is wondering. Can you run a business if you don’t exactly adore your customers? Does serving your customers require…y’know, liking them?

We all have a few customers we wouldn’t invite to dinner, but how much distaste for the people supporting your business is too much?

Today, we discuss the level of love necessary to be a good business owner. While a seething hatred for your customers is probably bad for business, you probably don’t need to be head over heels for everyone who buys what you’re selling. In fact, the skill set required to run a business isn’t necessarily the same skill set you need to be a people-pleaser. That’s why customer service is a distinct branch!

Find out how to fine-tune your relationship with your customers — or whether you need to at all. Click Play!


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