MBA995 Q&A Wednesday: How much should I spend on my logo?

Every business needs a logo.

A smart, eye-catching symbol that encapsulates your brand and mission can do wonders for your reach. It can generate interest, create associations, and bring your company to mind when potential customers are looking for solutions.

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one of our listeners wants to know how much a good logo should cost. If you’re not into graphic design, you’ll need to outsource the creation of your logo to a professional. Of course, that won’t be free.

With so many freelancers, and so many options for finding them, how can you be sure you’re getting a good deal?

Today, we discuss the options available to new entrepreneurs, including the options we’ve used ourselves. When you pay for a logo, you’re not just paying for the time it takes to make it. You’re paying for an expression of what you do — and that’s worth getting right.

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