[Bonus Episode] From Real Good: The Six Degrees of Segregation with Yohuru Williams

What did we learn during the pandemic?

The COVID-19 outbreak was an undeniable tragedy. But it also revealed other tragedies. As the disease swept through the nation, it hit some communities harder than others. It shed a harsh light on systemic inequality and historical disadvantage that left some less able to cope than their neighbors.

In other words, COVID revealed existing problems even as it caused new ones.

But the news isn’t all bad. Today, we share another episode Real Good, a podcast that highlights real-world action to improve lives. 

In this episode, you’ll hear a discussion with Yohuru Williams, founder of the Racial Justice Initiative at the University of St. Thomas. In a powerful conversion about the role of race in education, Williams explains how cultural bias and inherited advantage leaves some Americans with less opportunity to thrive — and what we should do about it.

Tune in, be inspired, and dare to ask: what real good can we do? Click Play!


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