MBA1363 Guest Teacher: Steve Kaufmann – How To Learn A New Language

Every entrepreneur has a toolkit. Adding to that toolkit adds to your potential. 

There’s one tool that’s undeniably valuable, and can instantly multiply your reach: speaking another language. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs never think of it. Others don’t pursue it, because they’re afraid it’s too difficult. But without a doubt, learning a language can be huge for you and your business. 

Best of all, it might not be as difficult as you think.

Steve Kaufmann speaks multiple languages, and has seen how it opens doors. He’s the founder of language-learning service Lingq, and he’s this week’s guest teacher.Today, Kaufmann offers a surprisingly convenient trick to accelerate language learning, so you can make a serious effort towards being bi or multi-lingual. 

This isn’t one of our typical business episodes, but it’s deeply, profoundly relevant to making the most of yourself as an entrepreneur. Tune in, and see how you can reach entire markets you’ve never even considered. Click Play!


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