[Bonus Episode] Ep1 of Start Your First Online Business

Today, we’re bringing you something special.

We teamed up with Himalaya Learning, an online education platform offering audio courses in entrepreneurial skills. Together, we created Start Your First Online Business, a complete course that walks you step by step through creating your own startup.

This 10-part course gives you the knowledge you need to get your business idea out of your head, and into the real world — with a low-risk, sustainable, realistic approach.

…and we’re sharing the first lesson for free, here on The $100 MBA Show

Lesson 1, Entrepreneurship 101: Business Basics, explains the mindset you need to succeed as an entrepreneur. 

In it, we explore the 5 core principles that maximize your chances of actually making it as an independent business founder. 

With insight and experience from our own journey, this lesson delivers the strategies that create a strong, stable foundation for your business. Best of all, our approach doesn’t involve going into debt or risking your home or life savings. 

It’s a strategic philosophy grounded in reducing risk, and building your business one piece at a time.

Check it out, and don’t forget to use our special promo code for a free trial of Himalaya Learning, with all the courses it has to offer. Start Your First Online Business is available now, exclusively on Himalaya.

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Himalaya Learning: 14-Day Free Trial including Start Your First Online Business with Omar Zenhom (Use Promo Code MBA)