Today, we’re bringing you something special.

We teamed up with Himalaya Learning, an online education platform offering audio courses in entrepreneurial skills. Together, we created Start Your First Online Business, a complete course that walks you step by step through creating your own startup.

This 10-part course gives you the knowledge you need to get your business idea out of your head, and into the real world — with a low-risk, sustainable, realistic approach.

…and we’re sharing the first lesson for free, here on The $100 MBA Show

Lesson 1, Entrepreneurship 101: Business Basics, explains the mindset you need to succeed as an entrepreneur. 

In it, we explore the 5 core principles that maximize your chances of actually making it as an independent business founder. 

With insight and experience from our own journey, this lesson delivers the strategies that create a strong, stable foundation for your business. Best of all, our approach doesn’t involve going into debt or risking your home or life savings. 

It’s a strategic philosophy grounded in reducing risk, and building your business one piece at a time.

Check it out, and don’t forget to use our special promo code for a free trial of Himalaya Learning, with all the courses it has to offer. Start Your First Online Business is available now, exclusively on Himalaya.

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Himalaya Learning: 14-Day Free Trial including Start Your First Online Business with Omar Zenhom (Use Promo Code MBA)