MBA1539 Do You Need A Degree To Be a Successful Entrepreneur?

What’s a formal education really worth? Since this is The $100 MBA, you might expect us to say something along the lines of “not much.”

But not necessarily.

There are things you can only get in college. Whether or not you need you need those things depends on your goals, your entrepreneurial vision, and your personal definition of success.

Plus, not being required doesn’t make a thing not beneficial.

The “Do I need a degree?” debate came up during a recent TV interview with our intrepid host, Omar, who tongue-in-cheekily refers to himself as a “business school dropout.” Naturally, he prefers the brass-tacks, real-world business education approach. 

But that doesn’t mean formal education has no role in your journey.

Tune in, hear what you really get out of post-secondary education, and figure out if your path needs to detour in that direction. Or not. Click Play!


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