MBA1101 One Thing That Will 3X Your Work Productivity

Get. More. Done.

Every independent business person wants to be more productive. The more we get done, the faster our business grows — and the more time we have to enjoy the lives we build for ourselves. We’ve discussed a zillion productivity hacks on this podcast, from scheduling to single-tasking and more.

Today, we’ve got a trick from way out in left field. You probably haven’t thought of it. But when you hear it, you’ll see how much sense it makes.

This single strategy can triple — yes, triple — your output. It takes a little time to implement, but the results are way, way worth it. It involves something we all do every single day, and how to do it far more efficiently. Once we tried it, our productivity skyrocketed. And all because we took the time to perfect the art of…

Well, you’ll have to tune in and find out.

We’ll discuss what this strategy is, how to implement it, and offer a list of resources you can use to make it happen. What are you waiting for? How can you stand the suspense? Click Play!


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