MBA1102 Do Giveaways Work? + Free Ride Friday!

Everyone loves a freebie. But if you do a promotional giveaway, are you getting anything in return?

Contests, random drawings, and other giveaways are definitely fun, and they definitely generate some buzz. But if you’re not careful about how you implement your giveaway, you can end up simply…giving stuff away!

You’re a business person, not Santa. You want a return on investment.

So how can you make sure it’s worth it? Today, we discuss how to conduct giveaways designed to convert, not just build hype. We describe the kinds of giveaways that actually help grow your business, as well as the kinds that simply cost you money for no good reason. We teach you how to run your giveaway efficiently, so that it generates more than the prizes cost.

Remember, you want your audience to be interested in your business and product, not just the prize. What you offer as a prize is far less important than who you offer it to. You’ve got to make sure that your giveaways are targeted, not just generous.

Find out how to maximize the positive impact of a giveaway campaign. When done, right, it’s a fantastic business-booster. Click Play!


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