MBA1133 Guest Teacher: Dan Schawbel- How to Create Strong Relationships with Your Team

Do you have employees, or do you have a team?

It’s one thing to be in charge, but having strong relationships with your team can have a serious positive impact on your business performance. The quality of your product, the efficiency of your systems, and your bottom line can all be better — if you’re willing to put some work into the relationships that drive the team’s success.

Today on the podcast, we’ve got a renowned expert in team management to help you do just that.

Dan Schawbel is the expert’s expert, a New York Times best-selling author lauded in Forbes, INC, and Business Insider as a powerful young leader. He’s here with proven ways to reduce employee turnover, get the team focused on your common mission, and create an atmosphere of loyalty and shared purpose.

These tips work for teams of all sizes, in any industry. Find out how to get everyone on the same page — Click Play!


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