MBA1315 Q&A Wednesday: I don’t enjoy writing. Can I hire out a writer for my blog?

Writing ain’t easy, but it’s necessary.

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one listener wants to know if it’s ok to farm out the blogging. The written word is irreplaceable as a form of marketing content, especially when it comes to SEO. People love blogs — and so does Google. But if you’re not a natural wordsmith, should you just delegate to one of the many talented full-time writers out there? 

Yes, and no.

Today, we explain how you can cultivate your own writing craft while trusting a pro for the day-to-day content. We discuss how to find a great writer, what to look for, and how we utilize our own go-to Word Guy. 

We’ll also explore how becoming a better writer makes you a better overall communicator, marketer, and entrepreneur. Words market, words sell. Words matter! Click Play!


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