Rise and shine, entrepreneurs. The early bird gets the profit.

Or does it?

Expert after expert, guru after guru, claims that jumping out of bed at the you-know-what-crack of dawn is the key to productivity and efficacy. But does that hold true for everyone? Can’t a night owl be successful? Can’t you make strides after 12pm?

Is the snooze button so bad for business?

Today, we discuss whether the early risers really do have a competitive edge, and whether it’s necessary to beat the sun to work. With job-juggling, personal life, and (in many cases) multiple time zones to deal with, early mornings just aren’t possible for everyone. And while the science generally backs nighttime sleep, there’s no one-size-fits-all in life or business.

See where you fall on the early bird/night owl spectrum, and how it can affect your business. Click Play!


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