MBA1221 Is Hiring Part Time Employees a Good Idea?

What do you do with a dedicated, talented worker who’s exactly the kind of employee you need — but only sometimes?

Employing part-timers has unique advantages, but it also comes with some challenges. Give them too much work, and they’re not part-time. Give them too little, and they won’t hang around long. So how can you ensure commitment despite the less committed nature of the part-time relationship?

There is a way.

We’ve hired many, many part-timers over the years, and we’ve lost far too many that we should’ve kept. In all that time, we’ve learned what works with freelancers, gunslingers, and other part-timers. We’ve learned how to maintain the employee’s sense of freedom, while also ensuring their dedication.

Learn how to keep your part-timers around, and keep them as motivated as your full-timers. Click Play!


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