MBA1452 Should You Hire Friends and Family of Team Members? + Free Ride Friday

Hiring the best employees is no easy task. That task is further complicated when the perfect fit happens to be the relative, friend, or significant other of someone on your team.

Trust me, we’ve been there.

When you get a referral from a trusted employee, is that a good thing? Today, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having deep personal connections between staff. Having briefly employed his own sibling, our host Omar has unique insight into the whole experience.

What if the personal relationship goes south? What if the professional relationship is too personal? Is a family recommendation a perfect endorsement, or a perfect liability?

We’ll explore all this, plus other complications that can ensue. 

One of our best hires was the sister of an established employee, so we know what it looks like when keeping it in the family goes well. Listen in, weigh the pros and cons, and be ready to decide for yourself if someone on your team shares genes — or anything else — with your next ideal candidate. Click Play!


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