MBA1243 Must Read: Reinvent Yourself by James Altucher

Entrepreneurs can have many lives. One business idea at a time, we remake ourselves as we take on new challenges. Starting over — and over — is the challenge, and the fun, of independent business.

This week’s Must-Read for entrepreneurs is James Altucher’s Reinvent Yourself. This isn’t businessman, investor, podcaster, and best-seller Altucher’s first entry in our Must-Reads, and for good reason. Altucher has several “lives” worth of experience. He’s founded company after company — most of which have failed.

And all that failure has earned him a lot of wisdom.

Today, we review this fresh, original take on what it takes to find your best self. With lessons from every avenue of success and failure, from Popes to rappers, Altucher shows us how to ride the ups and downs to your truest incarnation. It’s personal, applicable, and insightful. Learn how to escape stagnation, and meet your next self. Click Play!


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